" Elizabeth Keith Movement Education, LLC

Paradise Valley Professional Campus • Suites D-5 & D-2
16620 North 40th Street • Phoenix, Arizona • 85032

Phone: 602-885-8006


She also teaches "Bones for Life®", Tai Chi and more. See "Classes". -

In the world of body movement,
has over 25 years of clinical experience.



To make a difference in people's lives through enhancing and improving their posture, balance and movement;

To provide movement education experiences to individuals at all levels of ability:

To serve my community through wellness education, movement education and stress management techniques.


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Park Carefully at the Studio

Two of my students have VW bugs -
one black, one white.
They parked in the Yin/Yang position for a little selfie humor.

































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FALL 2014 - SPRING 2015

Ardas - Yoga in the evening

1 - Bones for Life®

2 - Feldenkrais® - Awareness through Movement®

3 -Tai Chi

4 - Parkinson's / Tai Chi

5 - Judy Kula
Zentangle® Classes

6 - Breon Michel : 8-week Mindful Meditation

Teach Yourself : Ten Hands Technique

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